The Experience

The Experience


The Consultation

Your experience with Uncovered Boudoir starts way before you ever set foot into the studio. I provide all my clients with a pre-session consultation, done via zoom or in person, where we can discuss your vision, prop ideas, wardrobe and styling, and so much more. This allows me to tailor your experience 110% for YOU.


The Creative Process

The creative process is where the real magic happens. It starts as soon as you arrive at the studio with hair and makeup. During this time, we will chit chat about any and everything. I find that girl talk always helps my clients loosen up and ditch any nerves they may be having. Once hair and makeup is done we will ooh and ahh over how amazing you look and then move straight into picking out some fun outfits for you to slay in! By the time we are actually shooting all nerves should be gone and it'll be an incredibly empowering time. My ultimate goal is for you to love the entire process. I will never put you into a pose you don't feel your best in. Leaving my studio, you should have a new found confidence and extra pep in your step 🙂


The Editing

Once we finish the shoot, I get to start the process of editing. I go through your entire gallery and choose the best of the best to retouch. I will handprint every image to give it the WOW factor. I will smooth out your skin, and remove any temporary imperfections (bruise, blemish, etc). I will never slim your waist or arms, etc. because that totally defeats the purpose of an empowerment session with me. Once you return for your gallery reveal, you will have about 40-60 images to look through and pick your absolute favorites for you album, wall art, pieces, etc. At this time you can also make upgrades (trust me, you'll want to!)


Product Delivery

About 4-6 weeks after your session, you get to come back and pickup your gorgeous products. We will look through everything together and geek out over how gorgeous you look because lets face it, you WILL look gorgeous!

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